Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

upcoming new product, in development

Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

Dentrix 20

FUSSEN´s CBCT solution is a high performance unit that enables a great variety of application united in a powerful system. Achieve top quality images while setting minimum dose to the patient due to precise dedication to the area of interest. From analog panoramic to 3D reconstruction and processing – almost anything is possible.

Key features:

  • Proprietary 3D software
  • Automatic dose control
  • High definition imaging results
  • More humanized interactive interface
  • Wide FOV field of vision
  • One stop solution
  • Multi engine multi-core parallel reconstruction technique
  • High sensitivity CMOS large dynamic detector


  • i-Dose
    • With our Automatic Dose Control technology, adjust the dose according to patients’ age and size automatically. In guarantee the quality of the image, patient receives the minimum radiation dose. Pulse exposure, less dose than continuous exposure.
  • Mutli-Engine Reconstruction
    • Multi-engine multi-core parallel reconstruction, using the GPU, CPU acceleration technology so that the reconstruction and 3D processing in the shortest possible time.
  • Hi-Resolution
    • 360 degree scan to obtain image in order to gain more information, and to avoid the anatomical structure of the fictional. Small focus imaging to enhance the clarity and resolution of the image.
  • All-in-One
    • Everything in one unit, such as tomography, 3D planting, analog panoramic, arbitrary curved surfaces cephalometric which required for clinical diagnosis can be  acquired from CBCT one time scan.


  • Comprehensive clinical application
    • A wide FOV range from 5 x 5 cm  to 17 x 12 cm, apply to comprehensive clinical application, such as small option can be applied in endodontics diagnosis, large option can be applied in a comprehensive examination for surgery or treatment planning for implants.
    • Through FOV control unnecessary exposure, only on the area of interest, keep the dose to a minimum.